Pool Decks

Pool Painting

We offer top of the line RAMUC Pool supplies supplied by Sherwin Williams to ensure the best for your pool.

We use a rigorous process to get the best look:

  1. Pressure wash at 3200 psi with a turbo nozzle to remove any old paint or epoxy.
  2. Apply hydraulic cement patches and sand down pool.
  3. Wash the pool with muriatic acid to remove rust spots, etc and clean pool.
  4. Wash the pool with TSP to neutralize acid and further clean the pool.
  5. Wash the pool once more with water to ensure all acid and TSP are out.
  6. Wait until the pool is completely dry (2-3 days after washing we will begin applying moisture test strips)
  7. Coat pool with a minimum of 2 coats of epoxy or acrylic pool paint from Ramuc.

We also work with fiberglass pools offering small patch repair work and blister removal.


Pool Deck Painting

For pool decks we use the H&C Acryla-Deck product supplied by Sherwin Williams. Unlike many other pool deck

coating systems this stuff is thick! It’s not a water stain but something designed specifically to ensure the best protection

of your pool deck in the harshest conditions (which we face in Florida) and chemicals.



For work inquiries:
t: 727.359.6779