We offer epoxy flooring, metallic epoxy flooring, decorative, river rock and more.

Perfect for garage floors, barber shops and more!


Pressure Washing.

We offer chemical free as well as chemical pressure washing on driveways, pool decks, river rock, walkways, homes and more.


Paver Sealing.

We pressure wash the paver first, saturate them with weed killer and algae deterrent, then seal with two coats to ensure a solid coverage and optimal protection.


Pool Deck Resurfacing.

We pressure wash the old deck, fix any cracks and imperfections, apply bonding agent and apply Dura-Top Micro Topping over your previous deck with a knockdown finish. Once we have completed we come out the next day to apply H&C Acryla-Deck for a beautiful finish.


River Rock Repair and Sealing.

We pressure wash the old deck, fix any areas needing repaired with matching river rock and an epoxy bonding agent. Then we apply a sealer specifically made for these floorings.